the ROAD to YOU


All our work has you as the epicenter which is why we want to KNOW YOU better. We've started the ROAD as we've seen the need to complement your journey in a sustainable way. As we are globetrotters, we are committed in being relevant and bringing you timeless and modern designs that fit YOUR STORY.

We are planning the release of a new section on our website as the NEXT STEP! Are you ready for it?

Through [aidoma] we have shared our vision : "same voice. same heart". Although, looking at the big picture we want the same things, we think that the approach differs based on individuality. 

Let's design together , the 80-20 approach. 

How does it work?

the YOU part :  Think of the essentials you need in your wardrobe. Take your measurements ( i.e. shoulder-to-shoulder, sleeves, chest, waist, est. length of garment). If possible, send us the sketch you used to take these measurements

Next, add a description of how you envision the perfect piece (i.e. romantic, edgy, nostalgic, minimalist, eclectic, simple), add some color to it and whatever detail you think will help out. 

Lastly, think of the budget allocated to buy this garment. 

the ROAD part: Once we have received your measurements - we will discuss with our team ( stylist + designer) and come back to you with a proposal. You have the possibility to modify 20% of the design. We pick the fabric. 

Once all clear, we craft the piece within the next 30 days after agreeing to it. Delivered to you in max 7 days after.

The piece will be pre-paid at least 20% and once the garment is ready - before shipping the other 80%. Don't worry, we'll send pictures.

Isn't this THE BEST? Your own designed team! 

What's NEXT you say? Ohhh....just wait for it. There's more.



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